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Lust auf frischen Kaffee? Kommt gerne vorbei, Termine aber bitte nur nach Vereinbarung




Konkordiastrasse 34
40219 Düsseldorf (germany)

Tel. +49 211 30 15 388 6

Customized Zippo mit eigenem Design und Patina? Schreib mir.

Öffnungszeiten Showroom


Gerne könnt ihr auch in meinem kleinen aber feinen Showroom vorbeikommen.

Da ich keine festen Öffnungszeiten habe, bitte rechtzeitig vorher anrufen.

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Ich willige ein, dass meine Angaben zur Kontaktaufnahme für eventuelle Rückfragen für die Dauer der Klärung meines Anliegens gespeichert werden. Diese Einwilligung kann jederzeit mit Wirkung für die Zukunft wirderrufen werden indem Du Kontakt mit uns aufnimmst.

Weitere Hinweise zur Verarbeitung Deiner personenbezogenen Daten findest Du hier

Vielen Dank, ich melde mich schnellstmöglich bei Dir.

Showroom von hartaufhart in Düsseldorf
  • Are the Zippos refined by hartaufhart original?
    Yes, I buy the original Zippos (made in Bradford, USA) from a friendly German wholesaler and refine them.Fun fact: Hard to believe, but China is the largest international market for Zippo. (I should translate the shop into Chinese...)
  • Can I get my own design on my Zippo?
    Yes. In principle, any motif is possible. This means that a model can be created from each motif and the bronze blank can be cast from it, then soldered and patinated.Not all motifs make sense or will look good. I reserve the right to refuse orders if I can foresee that the implementation will work technically, but will not lead to a nice result.Please send me a request by email and I will be happy to check to what extent your motif, logo, etc. can be implemented.Fun Fact: There is a Zippo perfume, of course the bottle is in the shape of a Zippo and can be opened with one hand. In Italy, the perfume is most popular. The old seducers. NON CI PIOVE.
  • What will my motif or logo look like on a Zippo?
    Let's try it out! For a flat fee of 80,- EUR I create a 3D view with your motif and send it to you by e-mail. So you have (except for the patination) a very good impression how the design will look like on the Zippo. If you order to make at least 5 Zippos, this step will not be charged. Here is an example:
  • Does the patina on the hard-on Zippos remain permanently?
    A very clear yes!The patina of the hard Zippos resembles the natural patina that all copper alloys (this includes bronze and brass) can get over many years due to different environmental influences.Thus, the patina wears off over time, for example due to friction and grease/acids on the hands. My patination processes are similar to those that sculptors use for their sculptures. As a result, the patina "sticks" very strongly to the metal and will never completely disappear. On the contrary: By using the Zippo, each lighter gradually acquires its own character. Ultimately, you determine how the appearance will change by handling the Zippo yourself. This is exciting to watch and beautiful!
  • How much are the shipping costs?
    Shipping costs national (Germany): - DHL package (insured including shipment tracking) EUR 4.90 including VAT FREE SHIPPING FROM EUR 159 ​ Shipping costs Europe: - DHL international package (insured including shipment tracking) EUR 14.90 including VAT ​ Shipping costs Europe (NON-EU): - DHL international package (insured including shipment tracking) EUR 32.90 including VAT ​ Shipping costs worldwide: - DHL international package (insured including shipment tracking) EUR 46.90 including VAT


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