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Who am I, and if so, how many? About hartaufhart and me and Zippo.

zippo herzblut

May I introduce us? Us, this is me, Sebastian. Us is, however, the more honest way, as many friends of mine and strangers ar involved in the development of the label "hart auf hart". The Zippo lighters are an important instrument in every film in which fire is caused by wilful intent. And this is not supposed to be understood as a request to set everything on fire! However, this example should give you an overview about the status of "Zippo". The Zippo lighter has been a world wide lighter legend for more than 80 years. And an institution in terms of design and function. An object of use and life long durability. As a skilled advertising photographer I regularly work with products of all kinds. Most are innovative, some are useful, some are bullshit, a few are nice and fewer are sustained. Products that have a worth in everyday life and character are the ones that fascinate me.

hartverlöten von Messingguß Motiv auf Original ZIPPO


Bronze cast


Hand soldered


Always unique



Is there a free will? About your ideas and mine.

Zitat hartaufhart
Information über hartaufhart Design

Away from to the question if there is a free will down to the motifs.Yours and mine.  In the beginning, there was an idea. The idea to refine my personal little zippo-collection by myself. I am not a classical collector of things, I am more of a user. Every single one of my lighters has its own space above my fathers old leather armchair. But every lighter is used frequently at the same time. Because of this fascination and because of my enthusiasm about handwork hard auf hart has been born. Meanwhile I do not only refine the lighters made in Bradford for myself, I also sell my handmade designed and refined Zippos to small companies. And to big companies. to everyone. Refine should mean in that case that a design is drawn up, a model has been created, casted in bronze or brass, soldered on the Zippo and in the end characteristically and uniquely patinated. That sound quite pathetic, doesn´t it? But that´s the way it is!


You want to have your own handmade Zippo for reselling or private use? Just call me or write an e-mail

Vom Logo über ein §D Entwurf bis zum Cuatom Zippo von hartaufhart




Always unique


The motif

Information über hartaufhart Historie


On short sight is long breath the way to happiness in the now.

stay tuned - tough

Customized Zippo, that was clearly the topic. On evening we sat together with friends and it was quite late. Like really late. We emptied the one or other barrel of beer. Then the speaker just screamed at us:

„Das Leben im Kulturbetrieb, mal so hart und mal so weich
All das Klatschen bloß für falsches Blut
Es machte viele reich
Er hat wenn's hart auf hart kam auch mal was genommen
Hart kam auf hart und er damit nicht klar“

And the label had a name. Punk.

° Spring 2023

New leather product: MERCATOR Leather Belt Holster

° Winter 2022

New products: Patinated copper magnet + enamel cups

° Winter 2021

New product: Patinated MERCATOR-Knife

° Summer 2020

New leather product: BIC Leathercase

° Spring 2020

A dozen retailers in germany and first listing in UK

° Autumn 2019

New leather product: Key Chain/Pipe holder

° Summer 2019

First listing in retail

° Winter 2018

Online-Shop goes live

° Spring 2018

Finishing of workshop and showroom

° Spring 2017

First customers requests have been fulfilled

° Autumn 2016

Building of my own workshop

° Spring 2016

First Zippo with a Patina

° Summer 2015

The idea was born

Showroom von hartaufhart in Düsseldorf



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