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Jedes Zippo-Motiv ist limitiert auf 91 Stück





Jedes Zippo-Motiv ist limitiert auf 91 Stück


Limited edition of

91 pieces per design.

Signet von hartaufhart

The gorilla is watching you!


Each of my designs is produced in a strictly limited edition of 91 pieces.

Even without the limitation of quantity each Zippo is already a unique piece, a real one-of-a-kind, none ever equal to the other. Nevertheless (what a beautiful word) there are only 91 Zippos of each motif, because I like my current designs very much, but I am also a friend of change. Therefore, there will be new designs gradually. Not arbitrary, not stringent, but stable as soon as I think that an idea / design is ripe for the Zippo.


Inside the Zippo case on the bottom left I stamp the gorilla eye as a signet and on the right the serial number.

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