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Yes, the next dude with an enamel mug <- You could think so, that's true too. But there are "hypes" that far from the temporary appearance have a right to recurring enthusiasm. You can only love enamel mugs, these things are timelessly beautiful and if you don't drive over them in a car, the mugs will last forever.


Nevertheless, I wanted to give the enamel a special look, a look that stands out between the 20 other cups on the shelf, stays in the eye and also offers a haptic experience when drinking the coffee, gin, beer, cocoa, whiskey, whatever.

And if you don't like the VINYL motif, new motifs will gradually be added. Currently there is still the "hartaufhart" mug, also a great part!


I found this look with the sandblasting technique, each mug is masked and blasted, cleaned and finalized by hand. Each cup is imperfect a little differently, develops a different look of the rusting (more on this in "General Information")

ENAMEL MUG Anthracite - Vinyl

VAT Included |
  • Product information:

    Enamel mug in black  (steel mug with baked enamel)

    Height: 80mm

    Diameter at top: 93mm

    Capacity: 350ml


    Theme rust:

    The enamel layer is blasted down to the steel, which exposes the steel surface of the mug and quickly starts to rust. Depending on how you care for your mug, the rust will increase a little and of course it can also rub off. However, this only happens if the cup is wet in the air for a long time. Due to the "pre-rusting" after the blasting and the subsequent cleaning, the steel has already developed a sufficient protective layer so that without the influence of permanent water contact hardly any rust film will form.

    Manufacturers of the cups say that the cups should not be put in the dishwasher because of the rust, so that fine rust particles do not affect other items in the dishwasher. To be honest, I put all my mugs in the dishwasher all the time and it has never had any negative effects on other items. But I want to have said that nobody complains to me afterwards.

  • All product photos of this Emaill mug are sample pictures! Each mug looks a little different: Different strong tearing of the blasted motif edges, different rust look.

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