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After my patinated MERCATOR knife in cooperation with OTTER from Solingen has appeared at the end of 2021, I went in search of a perfect belt holster. I did not find, there are many beautiful leather holsters, but hardly any tailored to the Mercator and really practical I found none.

The core of my brand "hartaufhart" is the idea to build products that I can't find anywhere else according to my demands on design and functionality. So I set to work and designed the perfect holster myself.


The important information about belt widths and dimensions can be found at "General Information" on the right in the info box (or below for smartphones).


I am quite proud of this piece of leatherwork!

Apart from an extraordinary design with indestructible brass rivets and integrated stabilizers made of solid brass, this holster offers a lot of variability.


It can be worn on either the left or right side, and the opening can be front or rear.

At what height the holster is worn makes absolutely no difference, whether it is worn all the way in the front, on the side or in the back, it will work anywhere on the belt. The loop is designed so that the holster sits as tight as necessary, but has enough flexibility to adapt to the body movements and can also be quickly pushed a bit forward or backward.


I had 3 prototypes in succession in daily use, the final now almost 1 year and relentlessly put through its paces before I have now finalized the last prototype.

The leather is sealed on the inside, so that even moisture of the knife (various liquids, dirt, rain, etc.) can not affect the leather when it has to go fast. The outside is also impregnated and polished water repellent. Here, every detail has been thought through!


The holster is available in natural and black dyed through.

The leather is vegetable tanned cowhide of European origin, cut from the neck of the cow and sharpened to 3mm thickness. Each piece looks slightly different, may have scars or small injury marks from the animal, different shades of the leather are also possible. This leather will age beautifully, darkening over time to deep brown, bacon edges depending on use. Nothing can make leather more beautiful than age!


Oh yes, the holster is perfectly fitted for the MERCATOR, but it will also fit some other knives that are within these dimensions: L11cm W3cm H1cm.

A list of compatible models will follow soon here and will be continuously expanded.

Belt holster MERCATOR

VAT Included |
  • Dimensions (The holster is designed extremely compact):


    Length 12cm


    width 6,8cm


    Height 1,5cm + belt loop


    The holster fits belts with a maximum width of 42mm at a maximum thickness of 6mm. Optimally it sits on standard belts of 40mm width at about 4-5mm leather thickness. Also with smaller belts the holster works, sits then only not quite so firmly. Smaller belts than 30mm width and 3mm thickness should not be used.


    The holster is made of vegetable tanned cowhide of European production. Each piece is handmade (best pieces selected and cut, sharpened, sealed, edges polished).

    The incorporated stabilizers (side metal flanks) and the rivets are made of brass. The metal surfaces are polished, but mostly untreated, will tarnish over time and thus form an individual patina. Likewise, the leather will "wear off" and darken over time due to sunlight, use/rubbing. Natural leather will only become more beautiful over the years!

  • All product photos of this Mercator - leather holster are example pictures. The color of the variant with natural leather is always different, sometimes a little lighter, sometimes darker, depending on the tanning.


    The pictured knives are only shown as examples and are not part of the product!

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