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SILKET is an idiosyncratic artist from the depths of the Black Forest in the most positive sense. Creative constant fire meets a sympathetic nature, meets euphoria disguised as hecticness, gets to the point. We are united by a penchant for perfection, even if Silket's penchant is clearer and sometimes strenuous, but there is always something.


Our background: I read an article about Silket in "The Heritage Post" a few years ago. Her tattoo style immediately amazed me; I had been looking for the right artist for my tattoo motif for many years. I immediately sent out a request and a few weeks later received the rejection “Sorry, unfortunately no appointments available at the moment”. As expected, I was disappointed. But that didn't stop me from trying again at Silket a few years later. This time with success, a magnificently drawn drinking fish now adorns my arm and the trip to the Black Forest was memorable!


In 2021 Silket came to visit me in Düsseldorf and we experimented, exchanged ideas, researched and built. The result of months of sending things back and forth from Zippos are these little masterpieces, I can say that exactly without false modesty, I was only 50% involved. The coexistence of very special varnish, my patina and extraordinary processing techniques makes this small series of Zippos so strangely abstract.


For now there are only a handful of Zippos. If and when will there be new ones? Who knows? Let's let ourselves drift with a good whiskey and wait for things that take time.


For immediate use, 1 bottle of original Zippo gasoline and 1 blister of replacement flints are included. You will also receive a handmade leather case included!

SILKET x hartaufhart / 05

VAT Included |
  • Accessories: A hand-sewn leather case (robust saddle stitching) made of high-quality, vegetable-tanned cowhide of European origin offers the perfect protection for the Zippo. I always produce the leather cases in small quantities, each batch looks different in color. Let yourself be surprised by the look you get!

    Also included is 1 bottle of Zippo gasoline and 1 blister of replacement flints.


    Product: Original Zippo storm lighter, refined by hartaufhart


    Material: Each Zippo is made from brass at the factory (production in Bradford, USA) and refined by me depending on the motif.


    Finishing: Each Zippo is unique, a one-of-a-kind piece, no one will ever be exactly the same as the other, as each lighter is hand-finished and individually patinated. The insert is made of brass-plated steel and has a different optical finish for each Zippo.

  • All product photos of this Zippo are original images and show exactly the lighter you will receive. These are not sample photos!

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