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Original Zippo butane gas with 100ml content.


The best gas for the new Single + Double Flame gas inserts from Zippo.

And I mean it! I have certainly not tested all manufacturers of butane gas for lighters, but the most common brands (which are available at petrol stations, bars etc.).


Conclusion: All work perfectly, but: The original Zippo gas definitely lasts the longest! Whether this is due to the filling, the filling caps, the actual quality of the gas or simply my use is beyond my knowledge.


Info: In addition to this 100ml can, Zippo also offers a larger 250ml can. Due to the fact that a gas filling usually lasts for several weeks and the gas in the refill bottle also keeps the pressure for quite a long time, the 250ml can makes more sense in terms of price. However, if you rarely use your Zippo, a 100ml refill can is perfectly adequate.

ORIGINAL ZIPPO butane gas 100ml

VAT Included |
  • 1 can of original Zippo butane gas. Content: 100ml

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