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Double Flame: The insert with double gas flame is especially suitable for cigar smokers!


Stinker! <- There are said to be people who don't like classic Zippos because of the smell of the gasoline. Personally I cannot understand that, I like it very much. But, everybody is different.


Now finally Zippo has brought out its own butane gas cartridges. And these parts are really great! High quality workmanship, matching the design of the gas insert and a perfect fit. One gas filling lasts for a few weeks, refilling is easy and safe.

ORIGINAL ZIPPO Butane Gas Insert "Double Flame"

VAT Included |
  • The Zippo Double-Flame gas insert has the same dimensions as the regular gasoline insert, so it fits in any standard Zippo lighter case except the Slim or 1935 replica cases.

  • All product photos of the gas insert are sample pictures. The photos with lighter are only examples, the Zippo (the cover) is not part of the offer.


    (With the purchase you receive 1 Zippo Butane Double-Flame gas insert)

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