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Nothing special, you'd think, just a key chain. What moved me anyway to design my own key ring was the fact that I was mostly disturbed by some detail on old key rings. A too short band, a too wide band, a too small key ring, too rigid, too hard, too soft and so on.

My intention was to create a key ring that would correspond to what I imagine to be the functionality and design of a key ring.

The leather strap is handy, has a sufficiently large loop for a secure hold, is extremely robust (approx. 3mm thick leather), yet flexible enough. The key ring has a diameter of 35mm and is therefore somewhat larger than usual, which means that the keys have a very free run, can hardly get caught between each other.

In addition the beautiful shackle which is attached to the leather with two metal eyelets and ensures a "folding" of the key fob, so that it takes up little space in trouser pocket, jacket pocket etc.

May this key ring accompany you for many decades!

Pipeholder / Key Chain "Brass"

VAT Included |
  • The lanyard consists of vegetable-tanned cowhide leather of European production. Each piece is handmade (dyed, greased, edges polished).


    Shackle and key ring are made of brass. The metal surfaces are mostly untreated, will tarnish over time and form an individual patina. The leather band will also "take hold" and become darker through use and friction. The more often the key ring is used, the more beautiful it becomes!

  • All product photos of this keychain are sample images. Each pipe holder / key ring looks different (different colouring) and has slightly different dimensions in the total length.

    (With your purchase you will receive 1 keyring, not a pipe).

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