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I personally can come to terms with the conventional steel look, but I can't really get used to it, so I have given this variation of the original pipe insert a very unique look by various further working steps!

In contrast to the standard pipe insert "steel", this insert is completely zinc-plated (galvanically coated with a wafer-thin layer of zinc) and "rough" patinated. Each insert looks a little different. After zinc-plating, a further patination step gives each insert a different look. The zinc layer gets irregular discolorations/traces.


For a long time it has been almost impossible for pipe smokers to use a Zippo properly. With the normal Zippo storm lighter insert, no pipe can be lit easily and safely.This original Zippo pipe insert is as simple as it is ingenious. With the inspection cap above and the round openings on the left and right side of the chimney, the Zippo can now be used from the side and the flame can be pulled into the pipe to light the tobacco.


Tip: The inspection cap can be removed for better cleaning or to shorten/change the wick. If the cap is too loose after a while, simply squeeze the chimney with two fingers before reinserting the cap.

ORIGINAL ZIPPO Pipe-Insert "Zinc"

VAT Included |
  • The Zippo pipe insert has the same dimensions as the normal "storm lighter insert" and therefore fits into any standard Zippo lighter case except the Slim or 1935 replica cases.

  • All product photos of the pipe insert are example pictures. The pictures with the lighter are only examples, the Zippo (the case) is not part of the offer.



    (With your purchase you will receive 1 original Zippo pipe insert).

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